Revolutionizing the way we earn passive income.

Holding BulleX earns you USD (BNB).

It is a deflationary token that automatically sends you BNB (which you can convert to USD).

Holding BulleX does not only reward you with BNB, but the price itself increases with a ‘Buy-Back’ feature. To put it simply, the token will automatically buy any sells that occur, sometimes to the span of $3,000 USD at once (10 BNB).

BulleX makes it easy to see exactly how much you are earning and your projections daily, monthly and yearly.

View your rewards, simple.

Check your earnings with our dashboard. Launch the app and check how much you have been rewarded for holding $BLX. Our ‘Rewards Pool’ saves up some BNB in case there is ever a low amount of volume in trading – so rest assured, we ensure a constant flow of rewards regardless of market conditions.

Coming soon

Decentralization in the purest form.

BulleX understands that the average person finds Cryptocurrency and the ‘decentralization’ aspect a bit confusing to begin with. This is why we have created a web-based wallet to kick-start your Cryptocurrency career. Buy BNB directly with fiat (your credit card), Swap BNB to $BLX using our DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and reap the rewards by holding BulleX Tokens. 


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